Professional Carpet Cleaning In The Hall

carpet cleaning Austin TX is of great help as I moved into this current property only a month ago, and although I love it, there have been a few niggling problems. I am renting it from a friend of mine, and it came fully furnished. This is great as I am pretty much straight out of college. I was lucky enough to get a job straight away, and I decided that it was best to leave my parents’ home and start life on my own. I can afford the rent as well as the utility bills, and even after paying those I expect to save enough to have a couple of vacations each year.

As my landlord is a friend, the initial issues were sorted out quickly. One of them was a dripping tap which was annoying during the night. It was like some kind of torture. The other main thing was a huge stain on the carpet in the hall. The stain itself was not really the issue, it was the smell. So my friendly landlord paid for professional carpet cleaning to be done on it. Now it looks as good as new, and better still, it smells good. I look forward to many happy years here.

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